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GUAVA BANANA Anaerobic Natural

Producer / Elias and Shady Bayter

Farm / El Vergel

Region / Tomila

Variety / Red and Yellow Caturra

Processing / Anaerobic Natural

Elevation / 1,350 masl

Notes / Guava, Banana, Dark Chocolate

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coffee fields

El Vergel

El Vergel, located in the stunning Department of Tolima, takes you on a wild ride through the epic mountains of Colombia. This bad boy is one of the OG single estates in the region, standing the test of time like a true legend. The farm sits on the slopes of the snowy mountains of el Ruiz, a volcano that's chilling in hibernation mode, that's left some kickass soil behind. That soil is packed with all the good stuff, giving those coffee plants the nutrients they need to thrive.

Let's talk family legacy. Shady and Elias Bayter's dad had a thing for avocados back in '95, but you know what? They switched up the game. In 2012, they said, "Let's drop some coffee seeds in a few of our micro lots." And it worked like a charm. By 2016, they were all in, converting the entire farm to coffee.

They took it to another level up in the highest part of the farm, unleashing their varietals program. We're talking Gesha, Java, Pacamara, Red Borbon, Laurina, and Caturra. El Vergel is keeping it real, paying homage to its coffee roots with its top-notch lineup.


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