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ANAEROBIC HONEY Monte de Oro Guatemala

Origin Guatemala
Producer / Mario Ricardo Alarcón Melendez
Farm / Monte De Oro
Region / Acatenango
Variety / Caturra
Processing / Black Honey/ 100 hrs anaerobic fermentation
Elevation / 1530 - 1690 masl
Notes / Dark Chocolate, Mixed Salty Nutz, Coconut
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Monte de Oro in the clouds

Monte de Oro

Fina Monte de Oro in Guatemala has been owned by the Melendez family for over five generations. Take the vigorous eruptions of volcano Fuego, add in the Acatenango valley’s unique microclimate, and sprinkle on some mild Pacific ocean breezes, and you have a recipe for killer conditions for creating honey-processed and natural coffees.
Mario Ricardo Alarcón Melendez guides his team through picking, fermenting, and sun-drying their coffee cherries.


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